If there is a MAT that does MAGIK in teaching children. Do you take it?

Of course, it teaches ENGLISH, MATHS, EVS, RHYMES, STORIES, QUIZ, Awareness about Child Abuse, Gender Equality, ACTIVITIES to Enhance & Develop the Mental Ability of the Kids


Let's Play the REAL LEARNING

Child education is a concept that is made of imagination, creativity, enthusiasm, and creating an incredible urge to learn. Innovative methods of learning can boost the children’s confidence and create genuine interest in the subjects.

Your school has been an exceptional example in achieving and

sustaining many goals.

But what’s special when compared to the others? Truly, Nothing!

When it is time to take your teaching to the next levels.

Magik Mat is the state of the art technology tool which can help your school to achieve much more than what you have been doing and aiming to do in the future.

Amazing Jumping Platform

Get physically active by jumping on the Mat.

Sitting with a Smartphone or a tablet PC to learn, children can hardly feel the excitement of learning. Even natural elements like mountains, rivers, and trees have become part of the digital world. Our Magik Mat gives them an opportunity to not only learn through the mind but also get physically active by jumping on the Mat.

Exciting Learning Platform

Assistant for the teachers to make teaching simple & fast.

Learning within a classroom or home could make it monotonous. Children often need to get exposed to an innovative way of learning which is diverse in its approach. Magik Mat is the latest and the best way to learn through fun and entertainment. It can be a highly sophisticated assistant for the Teachers or Parents to make teaching simple and fast.

Unique Playing Platform

Compete with friends for having more fun and learning.

Schools with no playground need not worry about how to keep the children physically active. Magik Mat is a unique indoor playing platform which provides maximum relaxation to the children’s minds and flexibility to the body. Now, they can play not only with the alphabets and spelling but also compete with friends for having more fun and learning.

〉 Absolutely resistant to water

〉 Foldable

〉 Incredibly easy to maintain

〉 Resistant upon jumping, walking, and slopping

〉 Colourful and attractive to children

〉 Multifaceted in design and construction

〉 First of its kind in the entire world

5 X 5 | Fashioned | Smart

Magik Mat is a 5ft X 5ft carpet which connects to all devices via Bluetooth. Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes are beautifully printed on both sides of the mat.

Magik Mat is an interactive gaming and learning specialist for enabling the children to recall and memorize what they have learned in the classroom and home. It is an assistant to the parents or teachers for easing the stress of workload.

Magik Mat has lots of pre-designed games for the alphabet, number, counting, addition, subtraction, colours, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and so many other aspects of child learning. Innovative games attract the attention of children.

Learning has a Purpose. Magik mat gives the best learning experience ever !